$0.55 / CM^3 

(i.e. a cup costs $10.00)

Descrption: Bio-degradable plastic derived from corn starch making it environmentally freindly.  Strong and durable plastic, great for large and small items, as well as functional parts.  Parts printed in PLA will have the best dimensional tolerances of the materials offered.  This is the least expensive and most commonly used FDM desktop printer material.

Colors: Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Gray, White, Translucent (Clear), Red, Pink, Purple, Banana Yellow, Yellow, Neon Green, Dark Green, Green, Emerald Green, Neon Orange, Silver, Gold, Dark Brown

 Add $0.20 / cm^3: Glow-in-the-Dark White, Color-Change w/Temperature (Blue-Natural or Gray-Natural), UV Color-Change (White-Red in sunlight)



$0.60 / CM^3

(i.e. a cup costs $11.00)

Descrption: Strong, durable plastic, with a high melting temperature allowing uses in a wide range of environments.  Less brittle than PLA and great for functional parts with fine details.  ABS also holds up well when exposed to the elements or parts intended for outside use.  Not recommended for large, flat parts as it would have a tendency to warp during the printing process.  This is the plastic Legos are made from.

Colors: Blue, Red, Magenta, Neon Green, Pine Green, Green, Black, White, Light Brown, Gold, Silver, Purple, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Translucent/Clear



$0.75 / CM^3

(i.e. a cup costs $14.00)

Descrption:  PET combines the advantages of both PLA and ABS. Odorless; Little shrinkage rate; hydrophobicity (will not absorb water); This material has outstanding toughness, high impact strength, high mechanical strength and excellent durability.  The surface of printed parts will have a glossy appearance and parts printed in PET are easily recyclable.  Als0, some colors can be printed with a higher degree of transparency than the other material options.

Colors: White, Black, Gray, Clear, Blue, Red, Magenta, Yellow

(Note: Clear, Blue, Red, Magenta, Yellow are translucent when printed.)


$1.00 / CM^3

(i.e. a cup costs $18.00)

Description: Semi-flex PLA is more flexible than ABS and PLA but stiffer than the Flexible TPE/Rubber material.  This makes it great for parts that are intended to flex a small amount but maintain their strength and durability.  This material has the surface feel of silcon/tough rubber but with the strength of plastic.

Colors: White/Natural



$0.85 / CM^3

(i.e. a cup costs $18.00)

Description:  Highest strength, durability, and wear resistant of all the plastic filaments; nylon parts will flex under loading without deforming or breaking and are semi-self lubricating.  This material is great for gears and functional parts that need to be high strength and resistant to abrasion from repeated mechanical movement.

Colors: White/Natural


Flexible TPU/Rubber

$1.25 /CM^3

(i.e. a cup costs $30.00)

Description:  A highsly elastic, flexible, and compressible filament similar in consistency but slightly stiffer than a rubber band.  Parts printed with this filament can be easily compressed or stretched and will return to their original shape.

Colors: Black, White, Royal Blue, Translucent