Personalized Lithophanes


Let us create a Custom Lithophane specifically for you!

Send us a picture and we'll print it in lithophane form.  Just hold the lithophane up to the light (or place a light source behind it) and you'll see your picture come to life!

Text (if option selected)
Your Email Address

After you place your order, we will contact you asking for an email of the picture(s) you would like to see on your lithophane.

Lithopanes come with a suction cup for easy window mounting or you can hang them where ever you like.

Don't forget to send us the text you would like under the image if you choose this option.

Have fun showing off your beautiful piece of custom printed artwork to your friends and family!

For best results:

  • Choose a clear, non-blurry photo with lots of contrast (especially between the main subject/objects and their surroundings)
  • Simple photos with large objects or people/faces in the foreground and minimal objects in the background work best
  • Specify your color preference and any text you would like
  • Specify what shape you would like
  • Lithopanes will have a loop at the top for hanging (multiple image Lithopanes will have 2 loops for easier hanging)